Hotels: will Airbnb affect the hotel industry in the future?

Hoteles: ¿Cómo afectará Airbnb a los hoteles en el futuro?

Airbnb es la empresa de más rápido crecimiento en el segmento de alquileres temporarios y alojamiento. La compañía subió 339 lugares en el ranking del último año y se ha establecido como una estrella en el sector de los viajes. A su vez, la comunidad de alojamiento en línea sumó un promedio de 94,9 millones de visitas mensuales del año pasado.”




el segmento (the) segment One of the components needed to apply hotel revenue management is market segmentation.
alquileres temporarios vacation rentals Find great deals on vacation home rentals.
alojamiento accommodation We offer a range of accommodations to suit all groups.
establecido established  A great location for classy established hotel with helpful staff.
mensuales monthly Full time living at a monthly rate.

La conversación en Quora (servicio de respuesta) sobre Airbnb

It’s not an immediate threat, just as social media didn’t kill marketing, and food trucks didn’t kill restaurants. You are going to want a food truck experience somedays, a nice dinner other days. There’s room for all in a market that arguably doesn’t have enough inventory for the booming economy. So this isn’t anecdotal, here’s data …

… It’s only just starting to nibble at budget hotels, but it definitely isn’t hitting normal hotels. In markets … with too little inventory, it’s become complimentary to hotel rooms for large groups, meeting planners … I am a hotel guy, but I am not scared of what VRBO or AirBNB is. It will hurt the motel and economy hotels, but normal hotels should be fine. Michael Hraba (on Quora)


As Airbnb continues to grow, there is more business that is taken away from the hotel industry. However, tourism in general continues to grow for both Airbnb rentals and hotels and there are more people travelling as each year passes. Many are forecasting the next big distribution channel to be Airbnb, which actually may be a good thing for hotels, as Airbnb charges much lower fees than traditional hotel booking sites. For independent hotel owners whose ethos matches that of Airbnb, it would be a wise choice / to jump in while it is still early in the game. – Katie Kennerly


It will strengthen it. Hotels will have to go back to basics and provide that service in an ever more efficient and original way. The services and other amenities will have to make it worth choosing the hotel room, instead of a private home. All this without giving up on the flexibility, originality and price.  The risks inherent in an Airbnb booking have to excluded from a hotel booking (unfortunately we are not there yet). – Zoltan Kali

Airbnb as the perfect setting in Spain, with three and a half million empty homes


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